Artists Statement

My work is about the dichotomous aspect of illusion. It is my attempt to grasp the ephemeral. From a distance the drawings appear meticulously rendered yet they are actually loose, abstract markings. They are primarily black and white - the impersonal language of documentation- yet purportedly also that of intimate dreams.

Since the beginning of time, clouds have represented uncertainty; the wrath of gods; the beneficent containers of rain; the boundary between this world, and the mystery beyond. Clouds have caused and witnessed instability and power within and beyond their control.

I want to evoke our sense of wonder at the vastness of the sky. The weather mapping represents our long-standing attempt to measure and control forces larger than ourselves. These diagrammatic lines reiterate the static artificiality of the picture plane while enhancing the illusion of ever shifting clouds behind the pictorial frame. The highly charged surface markings in the most recent work represent what I imagine as the invisible electronic pollution that surrounds us: paroxysms of technological clutter and noise we emit into our environment.

My drawing tools are cotton balls imbued with differing amounts of graphite powder which I rub on to the paper slowly. Touch is paramount. This gradual, incremental process is an ongoing inventive dialogue as tones become shapes and shapes become clouds, animated by the character of their edges. My goal is to suggest air, light and movement.